Reservation Rules

Pack Mules must be reserved online BEFORE your visit!
ALL Pack Mules must be reserved in advance of your visit at

Pack Mules (fees are per Pack Mule)
Between Hilltop Trailhead and Campground Entrance and Back: $400 round-trip.
One Pack Mule can carry up to 4 bags. Maximum weight: 32 pounds per bag.
Maximum baggage size: 36 inches long, 19 inches wide, 19 inches tall.
Maximum size and weight limits are strictly enforced.
All baggage must be soft-sided with nothing hanging off the outside.
Many people put their backpacks into a duffel bag for extra protection.
Ice chests / coolers are NOT permitted.
Visitors should drop bags off by 10am at Trailhead and 7am at Campground.
Bags ready for transport can be dropped off whenever you want and as early
in the morning as you want - they simply must be dropped off no later than
10am on the way in/down and 7am on the way out/up.
See email confirmation for instructions on how to properly label your bags.
Packs arrive up top around 11am and down below at around 2pm.
$300 extra for a late run (if you miss the 7am campsite drop off).
Emergency Pack Mules (if available): $400 one-way.
All fees are subject to change without prior notice.


Havasupai Mule Train S180
Havasupai Mule Train 3

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